We’re here to help you make the great ones.

Truthfully, anyone can take one. But not everyone can make a great one.

The great ones that have an uncanny way of discovering the uncommon, and revealing the uncommon in the commonplace. The great ones won’t let us forget our mistakes, or our finest moments. Yes, anyone can take a photograph, but not everyone can make a great photo.

And we are here to help you make great ones.


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You want all the full range of benefits ASMP has to offer, including a Find a Photographer portfolio where you can be found by industry creatives around the country.

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Best for those who need the full range of benefits, resources, and support of the world’s most highly regarded and longest existing visual media organization.

By joining at the professional level you are supporting the larger community of content creators working today.

Professional level membership includes being in the Find a Photographer directory, which clients use daily across the country to source photographers. There is a one-time $50 fee to create your Find a Photographer marketing portfolio listing.


You’re ready to get down to business, assisted by foundational resources ASMP has to help you grow that business.

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Whether this is your second career or you are just getting started, ASMP can help you make all the right business moves to set you up for a sustainable career. You’ll have access to contracts, legal advice, and a community of professionals willing to help answer your questions. 


You’ve discovered the magic of photography and you think there might be a place for you as a professional photographer. You seek information and mentors to help you get started.

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As a student at a university or a student of the world wide web, you know that your connections will serve you as you move into a career of your own.  ASMP can help you connect with the right people and even give you the business resources to begin to grow a business.
“I value the work ASMP does on my behalf, as a strong voice for copyright protection, making sure intellectual property is protected and usage properly reimbursed.

I also value the opportunities for networking. ASMP is a reliable resource that I can turn to. And of course, I get great discounts on equipment and supplies through my membership.”

Vicky Stromee

member since 2008

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